“Missions in Action: Fellow Workers for the Truth”

—Joy Purvis, Global Ministries Team Member

The goal of the Global Ministries Team (GMT) is to develop a heart for God's world through cross-cultural gospel ministry. To that end, the GMT is very excited to host Sunday School during the first three weeks in December. We are hoping to continue making missions more visible at CCC, just as our missionaries continue to serve faithfully around the world. The global work of our church is something we need to be in constant prayer about, and to be reminded of continually. Even if we are not called to go to a foreign land ourselves, our efforts are just as important. We are called to pray and to give to mission work. These activities are vital to sustaining the livelihood and work of our missionaries and their families. We are fellow workers for the truth.

This year we will focus on three themes: praying, going, and giving. And, more importantly, what it looks like to actually put each of these themes into action!

The first week we will be focused on prayer. Prayer may sometimes seem like the “lesser” of the three activities. It seems more straightforward to do and appears to require less commitment. But prayer is actually just as vital as giving or going. We will have opportunities to hear about the importance of prayer from some of our missionary families and then spend actual time praying for them specifically.

The second week will focus on going. CCC has a strong record of assembling short-term mission teams. Many of you have been on mission trips to Honduras, Odessa, or other partners around the globe. This year, we will focus on the increasing opportunities to support our sister church in Odessa, Covenant of Grace. Over the past few months, we have been making detailed plans to help train and equip that congregation to be a stable presence of worship in the Odessa community. We hope that you will prayerfully consider these opportunities in advance.

The third week will focus on giving. When we give to missions, where does the money actually go? How does it get to missionaries? Many of us have jobs by which we earn a wage. We perform work and are paid for our time and talents. This is precisely how missionaries earn their salaries. They dedicate their time and effort to spreading the gospel and are compensated cheerfully by supporting churches and individuals. We support them so that they can thrive in their communities and devote their attention to gospel work without undue concern for where their next paycheck will come from.

Finally, let me be clear: This isn’t just another opportunity to learn about missions. This will be a time to examine our own hearts and discover where we fit in, individually, to the call to missions. The real goal of this series is to provide each of you with the tools to make missions a part of your daily Christian walk.

I hope you will join the GMT beginning this Sunday for a lively and informal time to focus on putting missions into action!