"Men and Women: Working Together for the Kingdom of God"

—Byron Peters, Pastor

A new day is dawning at CCC.

Over the last couple of months God has begun to answer a prayer that has been on my heart for several years now. “Lord, would you show us the way forward in appreciating and enabling the full expression of the gifts of women within our church?”

Women have always played central roles in CCC: Leading global ministry initiatives, leading capital campaigns, community groups, ministry teams, outreaches, counseling, prayer initiatives. But some women have struggled and even left CCC over this very issue, feeling that our understanding that Scripture reserves church offices (elder and deacon) only for men to be sending the wrong message and out of step with our culture.

Of course, this question ultimately must be resolved by Scripture itself. So, this Fall we’ve tackled the topic of “God’s Design for Male and Female” in our Adult Christian Education class. It’s been fascinating and incredibly informative to see this issue (the value of men and women, together, building the kingdom of God/His church) through the larger lens of God’s design as revealed in the Bible.

We’ve also revisited the biblical principles guiding CCC’s Women’s Ministry Team and sought their honest input. They, too, are eager to engage with this issue, and God has given us incredible traction. I’m pinching myself! And I’m also beginning to see lots of my blind spots! The conversations are rich, substantial, and honest. Of course, time is limited, so getting us all together has its challenges, but understanding is growing among us, progress is being made, and we hope to have some actionable takeaways soon.

In the meantime, if you’re up for a good read on this topic, I recommend Aimee Byrd’s No Little Women. Here are some quotes that give you the flavor of her insights.

• “No matter what our different circumstances and vocations may be, every woman is a theologian.”
• “Women especially play a huge role in showing the face of Christianity to the watching world.”
• “If we take women seriously, we will want them to be good teachers of the Word.”

Please join me, the elders, and the Women’s Ministry Team (Ashley Yarnoff, Mandy Holt, Crystal West, Jacklyn Tubel) in praying for increasing opportunities for CCC women to fulfill their callings at CCC.