Gospel-Shaped Love and a Brunch

—Byron Peters, Pastor

One of the wonders of God’s work in Christ Community Church is the quiet authenticity of gospel-shaped love. That was on display this weekend at the annual Women’s Christmas Brunch. I’ll let Crystal tell you about it in her own words:

We are grateful to the Lord for the 52 women, including 19 guests, that he brought to the Women’s Christmas brunch last Saturday, December 2.

We ate delicious food in a warm, festive atmosphere as we enjoyed sweet fellowship with one another. We also heard an inviting message from CCC member Katie Patsakham about the story of the gospel from Mary's perspective.

Our prayer is that this event will continue to grow as an outreach opportunity for our women members to love on this community, giving guests a window into the rich relationships we have because of Jesus.

We look forward to nurturing our relationships with one another at the 2019 Women's Retreat that will be held locally on Saturday, April 6 - put it on your calendar!

Gospel-shaped love is rarely spectacular or flashy. It’s a tiny mustard seed germinating. A bit of leaven worked into dough. A cup of cold water offered. A friend inviting a friend to a church brunch.

Ultimately, gospel-shaped love is a very special baby in a very ordinary manger.

In a world that demands perfect holidays with delightful families, gourmet food and smiling, obedient children, God’s interests are elsewhere. He’s dialed into our broken families, frozen dinners, and fussy kids. Indeed, he absolutely loves being right there. “Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick. I came not to call the righteous, but sinners” (Mark 2:17).

His love was intensely personal and largely unspectacular. He healed a poor paralytic, fed that hungry crowd, restored a bleeding woman to health, turned a leper’s life around and raised a little dead girl, avoiding fanfare. Finally, he died in ignominy that he might then raise us up in himself to unimaginable delights.

Jesus personifies gospel-shaped love. He’s still doing it, and I’m personally very encouraged that he did so last weekend through the women of CCC. One relationship at a time. They’ve reminded me that the real treasure won’t be found where the world is looking. It will be in the quiet authenticity of gospel-shaped love, offered in Jesus’ name.