Update from Your Meeting Space Team

by Bobbie Gervais, Meeting Space Team Leader

Wait for the LORD; be strong, and let your heart take courage.  (Psalm 27)

Perhaps you’ve heard that Rik and I are moving.  Yes, we bought a house about 3 blocks up the road from where we currently live.  We’re excited!  Now that we’ve signed the contract and put some money down, I want to move NOW!!!  But…as many of you know, that’s not how that works.  There are more papers to sign, inspections and surveys to get done, and … even more papers to sign.  Buying a house is a complicated, time-consuming process.  It requires patience and careful consideration of all the facts every step of the way.

Our personal experience with home buying is just a taste of what we, the congregation, will experience as we consider the purchase of property as the location of a home for Christ Community Church in Chapel Hill.

The property is 2.83 acres situated on the corner of Erwin Road and Old Oxford Road, about 1.4 miles from Extraordinary Ventures.  In the world of commercial real estate, for a buyer to begin to seriously evaluate whether or not a property is suitable for their needs, they submit an offer to purchase with certain conditions attached and a certain amount of “due diligence” money. In our case the offer is being submitted with $2,000 of due diligence money. This gives us the right to let our architect and engineer loose on the property for 90 days to do the basic work of evaluating whether it is worth moving forward toward actually purchasing the property. Our due diligence began on January 16 and will expire April 16.

The due diligence period also gives us (your Meeting Space Team - MST) time to inform you of the findings of our professional team and time for the congregation to come to a decision about moving forward. If, for any reason, we decide the property is not suitable, we can withdraw our offer.

During the next few weeks, the MST will be offering presentations, writing articles, and making announcements to keep you informed and give you opportunities to ask questions.  The decision about whether to purchase this property is YOURS.  Please participate in this process whenever you can.  In addition to watching for updates in the Connection and announcements during worship services, here are key dates to put on your calendar.

– Sunday, Feb 11:  9:30-10:25 am at EV.  Congregational Meeting:  Orientation and basics of the process.

– Saturday, Mar 24:  1:00 pm at 145 Erwin Road:  Congregation invited to walk the property.

– Sunday, Mar 25: 4:00 - 5:30 pm at EV:  Congregational Meeting:  Hear the architect and engineer findings and see initial concept plans.  Q&A.  (Note:  For those who may miss the Mar 25th meeting, a make-up meeting will be held April 4, 7 - 8:00pm at the church office.)

– Sunday, Apr 8:  Time and place TBD:  Congregational Meeting:  Congregation votes on whether to proceed with next steps.

From our ongoing 6:10 Prayers — “Come now, let us reason together,” says the Lord . . . (Isaiah 1:18)

Let us look to him for wisdom, cry out to Him in our need, and engage in open and bold conversations together about the Erwin Road property and how to move forward as His church.

We invite you to be a part of the conversation about this important decision of our church.