Explore God

Jeremy Purvis, on behalf of the Local Outreach Team

Over the next few months, we will all have the opportunity to share our faith with others through a multi-church effort called “Explore God.” Here’s how it will work. Several local churches in the area are teaming up the week after Easter to preach through a series of spiritual questions and curiosities. The sermons will address questions like: “Does life have a purpose?”; “Why does God allow pain and suffering?”; “Is the Bible reliable?”

Chances are, you’ve not only wondered about these questions yourself but you may also know other people—perhaps friends, neighbors, or co-workers—who have wondered about them, too. To bring these topics to the forefront, Explore God is publishing a series of videos that will be released through social media channels. These are very short video clips that address these topics in an engaging way. They may include real people “off-the-street” struggling to answer, for example, whether it is possible to actually know God personally.

Finally, there will be discussion groups stationed around the Triangle area. These are informal groups meant to be places where people seeking answers to these questions can talk about these topics. Through each of these mechanisms, the Explore God initiative provides a natural platform to bring the gospel message to people who are seeking answers to life’s important questions.

Here are some ways you can participate:

1. Pray. Pray that people’s hearts will be drawn to God through these efforts.
2. Get the word out.
There will be a lot of Explore God material floating around social media. Help get these ideas in front of you friends and followers by sharing and re-posting these messages. If someone is wondering why God allows pain and suffering, for example, they may very well engage in this content and be drawn to a local church or discussion group.
3. Invite a friend, neighbor, or co-worker to church.
The sermon series is designed to address these questions from a biblical perspective. It is often difficult to know how to answer some of these questions ourselves, so invite a friend to come to church and hear what the bible has to offer on these topics.
4. Join a discussion group.
Find out where your local discussion groups are being held, and attend one. This gives you the chance to have real conversations about these important topics. It may also give you the chance to share your faith, invite a friend to church, or help someone in need.

Learn more at ExploreGod.com.