An Announcement

—by Byron Peters

Announcing (drum roll, please)....

So let me set this up first.

As most of you know, our church is bursting with children. It’s such a wonderful thing to walk through EV and always be dodging, feeding, holding, teaching, or listening to them.

In fact, our Sunday morning setup crew consists of 4–5 regular kids, some as young as 3 years old, who can hook up a monitor or connect a drum mic with the best of them! But I digress…

A couple years ago Kathryn Eriksen wondered, “Would kids be interested in a bi-weekly Kids’ Club on Sunday evenings?” The answer was a resounding “YES!” and thus it was born.

Those “Kids’ Club” kids are now aging up (they do that, don’t they?). So Kathryn again put on her thinking cap, prayed, gathered a few of us together, and God has now raised up a middle school youth program (name TBD). It will meet at the same time as the Kids’ Club, but with a more mature focus.

And think about it. These middle schoolers are beginning to own their faith. They can work. They can go on retreats. They can serve. They can eat.

But what we needed was someone to help lead the charge.

Now, to my announcement:
I’m absolutely thrilled to announce the hire of CCC member Kathryn Cavin as our first ever Youth Discipleship Coordinator. Officially, she will be responsible for initiating and facilitating regular discipleship opportunities for middle-school students outside of Sunday School. Think, “A combination of service and fellowship opportunities, lesson-centered meetings, engaging outreach to friends, meals, etc.” NOTE: The objective is not so much additional teaching, but additional Christian experience in community.

Kathryn Cavin, a UNC senior majoring in English, hails from Denver, NC, and has been at CCC since her freshman year. She’s helped teach these kids in Sunday School the last two years, so she already has a history with them. Kathryn brings a lot of experience working with kids from her home church and her work as a camp counselor. She’s godly, articulate, and mature.

So pray for Kathryn and our middle schoolers as they start this new adventure! Perhaps employ Hebrews 10:24, “And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds.” And invite your friends with middle schoolers to CCC, where they now have a friend who can help them grow in the context of our church by connecting the riches of Christ to the realities of middle school life. And as you have opportunity, welcome Kathryn Cavin!