Next to Ground Zero

—by Josh Smith, Ruling Elder

Modern thinkers have called the university “ground-zero” for the ideas and cultural norms our society embraces. Higher Education has so much good to offer our culture through its endeavor to understand the world. For better or worse, its dominant influence will continue to shape much of what our culture becomes.

This “ground zero” brings with it significant pressures for university students. During these years they will grapple with life’s biggest questions. Who am I? Where am I going? What is the point of it all?

Christ Community meets just 2 miles from UNC, one of the most influential universities in the country. What a gift that we can be Christian brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers, to whom college and graduate students can bring those questions.

So, we ask:

• How can we connect the riches of Christ to the realities of student life?
• What would it look like for a community of students to be shaped by generational discipleship and gain a biblical vision for work and their calling?
• How can CCC be a refuge where students can come and flesh out the implications of their worldview and learn how to faithfully walk with Christ?

Christ Community wants to be a voice of influence among all the other voices students will hear on the university campus. We’d love for you to join us and help shape the lives of others in this season of life. The wide range of gifts our church is needed to help make this more true.

Here are just a few things happening this semester you can help with:

• Offering students rides to church.
• Hosting a college/grad student lunch.
• Being willing to share with students how your faith intersects with your specific calling.
• Veritas Forum at UNC Nov. 29 will offer a platform how faith and science can provide answers to the issues of stress and anxiety.

We’d love to see God grow our church in this way. Pray with us that God would change lives of university students and bring many to worship and grow alongside us all at CCC!