“Jack and Jill Thrived up the Hill—because they were in a Community Group”

—by Greg Norfleet, Associate Pastor

Jack and Jill went up to Chapel Hill—and with good reason. The vibrancy of a college town; the opportunity for thought, work, and play; and all of the benefits of waking up in one corner of the Research Triangle. No wonder this area gets repeatedly ranked as one of the “best places to live.”

Even so, for both Jack and Jill, life up the hill is dangerous. Situational troubles swirl around and press against them: the unreasonable boss; the pigheaded neighbor; the beguiling media; the ailing parent who lives far away; the broken transmission that needs fixing now. Moral struggles churn and spill over from inside them: frustrated desires for respect and comfort; fictitious answers to questions of personal identity and purpose; spoken words that cut like a knife; foolish choices that reap hellish consequences. For Jack and Jill, troubles and struggles like these make for the perfect storm—even in this town affectionately called “the southern part of heaven.”

Sound familiar? Good news! Jack and Jill are more than “sufferers” and “sinners”; they are, in the biblical sense of the word, “saints” in Christ Jesus—that is, Christians who are “set apart” by God to live for his honor and to thrive by his power. And Jack and Jill are not alone in this endeavor, because God has given Christ Community Church to be for them a Holy Spirit filled community through which they can love and be loved.

You and I are Jack and Jill who live up the hill, and each of us needs exactly the goods that God delivers through his church. The mission of Christ Community Church is to glorify God by connecting the riches of Christ to the realities life. This mission is felt nowhere more keenly than in our small groups. It is here, within the context of mutual giving and receiving that we seek to make connections between Christ’s riches and life’s realities, and to experience the goal of being transformed into the image of the risen Lord Jesus.

So, as we begin this new academic year of life together, let me remind you of three basic principles that govern our small groups:

•  Every Christian needs gospel community—people who know us well enough to speak the gospel into our lives, and who are committed to helping bear our burdens when they get too heavy (1 Corinthians 12:12-13).

•  Every Christian needs to involve him or herself in ministry to others as God has called and gifted (Matthew 20:28).

•  Every Christian has a limited “time budget” which needs to be invested wisely and purposefully.

Holding these three principles together, we want to help you find a small group that suits your particular needs, gifts, and season in life. Contact Erin Smith at cg4ccc@cccpca.org if you’d like more information.

How will Jack and Jill and you and I thrive up the hill? By connecting to a body that receives its life from Christ, and that builds up the body through wise and loving words and deeds, as each member does its part (Ephesians 4:15-16).