Let’s Dream Together: CCC Town Hall, October 27 at EV

—Josh Smith, Ruling Elder

I love Christ Community Church. I appreciate so much about the character of the people who make up our collective body. I love that one of our greatest desires is to be marked by the value of Biblical fidelity. Our worship services are simple and pure. I am regularly strengthened by the faithfulness of the object of our worship, Christ. When people ask me about our church an affection wells up inside me from joy.

Christ Community Church is a ballast for my soul. The rhythms of worshipping with others satisfies my wandering heart. I am consistently fed a well-nourished meal of God’s Word. Praying with others and for others helps me to rely on God’s Spirit as people’s lives become part of my own. Serving one another helps me remember life is not about me and there is a much larger story in which I get to play a role.

As I follow Christ, I have seen the beauty and richness that comes from walking beside the same people. Celebrating joys and grieving losses. My life bubbles over with constant change; life is difficult. Yet, doing life with a covenant community offers me accountability and steadfast care that gently tells me who I am in the chaos. A child of the King, loved, ransomed for His Kingdom. This community helps me take my eyes off myself and pushes me to live for God’s glory. God’s glory provides hope for our world. I love our church.

Our church is in a season of growth and change. New faces of people looking for a church keep coming on Sunday. Our kids ministry is bustling. Discipleship relationships are pressing our faith into every role and responsibility of life. God’s word is being sewn into the Triangle. The gospel is being proclaimed and on display through our individual callings.

Among many other responsibilities, the elders are trusting God for Christ Community’s future. What is God calling Christ Community Church to become? What will be true about us in 3-5 years? How will we get there?

On October 27, 400-530PM at Extraordinary Ventures there is an important CCC “Town Hall” gathering where we can dialogue together over three important matters: Financial status, Facility progress, Future vision and growth. Childcare is available (nursery for little ones, movie for older ones).

As we talk about these things, we hope this will encourage some alignment of what is to come. Come hear from one another, dream together, consider what God’s heart for our next steps may be. This will be an invaluable time to give us a picture of what you love about our church and where God may be calling Christ Community.