Did You Know?

—Greg Norfleet, Pastor

Over these last two months, we’ve had the privilege of giving focused attention to our calling to care for one another. God has been good to us. He’s met us in our Sunday worship, adult Sunday School, and Community Groups. He’s used these means to cast his vision, renew our minds, and spark honest and fruitful conversations.

We’re learning that to be human is both to need help from one another, and to give help to one another. We’re learning that our church—this “body” of mutually dependent “members”—grows to maturity as ordinary Christians have ordinary conversations infused with extraordinary truth and love. And we’re learning that all of this can and really does happen because of Jesus, the living “head” of our church; he empowers each one of us to give and receive his extraordinary care.

Since our series soon draws to a close, and since we have largely highlighted those “everyday conversations” through which so much care comes, it seemed fitting to highlight a few more important channels of care within our church:

• Did you know that Community Groups are designed to be the first line of pastoral care at CCC? Having a baby? Moving? Going through a rough patch? Consider sharing these things with your group and even with your group leader.

• Did you know that your elder is a great resource for you as you face challenges in living? He is not only eager to listen, understand, and support you in prayer, but often times can help you consider how, in Scripture, God speaks directly to your questions and challenges.

• Did you know that one of the primary roles of our deacons is to assist members with issues like financial counseling and other practical helps? They, too, stand ready to assist with needs like these.

• Did you know that our Women’s Ministry Team is growing in new and exciting ways? In many cases, they are uniquely equipped to help other women grow as Christians or work through difficult challenges.

• Did you know that Christ Community Church and Hope Counseling Services continue to develop our mutually beneficial partnership in pastoral care? Staff at both are equipped to provide biblical counseling, so feel free to ask which resource might fit you best.

What a privilege to be and do church together. And what a joy to watch Jesus work through us to care for one another. Let’s excel still more!