Why Did You Stick?

—Rik Gervais, Ruling Elder

“And they devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and the fellowship… and all who believed were together and had all things in common.”  Acts 2: 42, 44

About a month ago I started thinking about why some folks “stick” at CCC and some don’t.  I’ve even asked some of you the question, “Why did you stick?” Typically, I get the following reasons:

 - Teaching: The gospel is preached clearly and boldly each week.

 - Counseling focus:  The way people are willing to care for each other

 - Theology:  Some just naturally gravitate toward Reformed theology.

 - Ministries: Especially the children’s ministry (Thank you Kathryn, Alissa and ALL the teachers who make this ministry so rich!).

 - But the #1 reason:  People notice a real sense of community.  Guests can get connected quickly (if they are willing to try) and they often say, “I felt like people cared about me.”

Was that your experience?  It was mine and Bobbie’s. When we first visited CCC, I’ll never forget thinking, “This guy (Greg) doesn’t have the common sense to get out of the rain!” as he stood in the parking lot to greet us after church on our first visit--in pouring rain!  But we also left church that Sunday thinking, “This is a place where people easily stick out their hands in fellowship and let us know we are welcome.”

If you had a caring, welcoming reception at CCC that made an impression on you that made you want to stick, are you doing the same for the guest who may be sitting beside you this week?  And if this is something you already do—wonderful. This week encourage your friend who is not so bold to extend the hand of fellowship to a guest so that, as Greg exhorted us in his sermon, we might all “excel all the more!” That’s what will continue to make CCC a church where people want to stick.