Jesus, What A Friend

—Ashley Yarnoff,
on behalf of the Women’s Ministry Team

One day, not too long ago, I had a conversation with someone go horribly wrong and now our relationship lies in tatters. God only knows if and when it will be healed. Yet, that very same day, I had a conversation with a friend at CCC that was beautiful, encouraging and deepened our relationship. This is not the first time I have noticed the realities of life often run in stark parallels.

Those conversations gave me a glimpse into the beauty of Jesus’ friendship to me. That bad conversation? It reaffirmed that God alone is worthy of my allegiance for He is not a God of mere sentiment but of deep abiding love (John 1:4). In the good conversation I understood like never before, the “friend who sticks closer than a brother.” Is Jesus not our Elder brother? Christ was loyal to God the Father, in His death and Resurrection and we are now called sons, daughters and friends! I trust God will provide in both of these relationships because He has promised me so. Praise God! He is a firm foundation when our earthly friendships are great and especially when they are ugly! This illustrates some of the themes from this past sermon series, ‘Caring for One Another.’

On Saturday April 6 the women of Christ Community Church will continue on these themes as we gather on the UNC Chapel Hill campus and discuss “Who God Made Us to Be” and how that impacts our relationships with one another. I am excited that our very own, Jacklyn Tubel, will share what she has learned regarding our identity in Jesus Christ. I am grateful God is encouraging us as a church to be more vulnerable so that we might care for one another as Jesus called us to!

Would you describe your relationship with the Lord as a friendship? Are you confident God is at work in your relationships? Are you the kind of friend with whom others can share the good, the bad, and especially the ugly? Please join us next month at this local retreat so we can grapple with these sorts of questions together! We need you and value your presence!

“Because we loved you so much, we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God but our lives as well.” 1 Thessalonians 2:8