Sunday Morning’s Best Kept Secret

—Ruby Bea Peters

Oh, to be a fly on the wall on Sunday mornings—not at the worship hour or even the earlier Sunday school hour—but from 7:45 to 9:00 a.m. So much happens in that hour and 15 minutes!

For just about a year, I have had the opportunity to drive into EV’s parking lot at 7:44 a.m. with Byron’s guitar and Host Table items in hand. We walk into a quiet, unlit building. Moments later Gary Benjamin and one of our wonderful deacons arrive (often with a few children) and the transformation begins. Lights are turned on, the supply closet is opened, and an outpouring of bins and sound equipment emerges.

Oh, but wait, the music team saunters in, and more children. Then more folks for set up walk in along with more children. Then Kathryn Eriksen drives into the parking lot to begin a transformation downstairs, turning partitioned areas into inviting children’s Sunday school classes and a nursery, and sure enough come more children!

Everyone is talking, laughing, playing hide-and-seek (that would be the kids), holding a child or two so that a parent can concentrate on making the coffee or setting up the sound connections up front.

As the aroma of coffee begins to fill the air, a sweeter aroma of Christ is all around as this community of believers works, laughs, prays, practices, and folds bulletins so that others may walk into a space readied for worship.

Just last Sunday, Lucy (age 4) and Oscar (age 2) folded bulletins with me. I got to play chase with Zora (age 3), and I got to catch up with a few of my church family members. It’s a sweet time.

If you ever want to arrive early on a Sunday morning, you won’t just get to be a fly on the’ll be employed for the kingdom with a great group of folks.

Oh, and bring the kids!