An Illustration of Sin

—Jeffrey West, Ruling Elder

Genesis 3:4 – But the serpent said to the woman, “You will not surely die.”

Jason was an average, likable guy. He did well at work, played on the church softball team, and enjoyed hanging out with his roommates. There was something, though, that he kept hidden from his friends—his love of snakes.

Since he was a boy, Jason loved learning about snakes and had always kept at least one as a pet. He knew most people were averse to snakes, so he didn't mention his small corn snake, Harry (Jason liked ironic names), to his roommates when he moved in. Harry lived in a compact aquarium that Jason kept in his closet. Jason would take Harry out occasionally and "play" with him, letting him slither up his arms and around his hands.

One day Jason's roommate, Philip, walked by Jason's room and saw him with Harry through a crack in the door. Philip was surprised and burst into the room without knocking. Jason, startled, explained that Harry was harmless and nothing to be afraid of. Over time, Philip and the other roommates got used to Harry being in the house. They did question Jason however, when he told them he wanted to buy a ball python. He explained that they made great pets but would require a bit more space in his room, as it would grow up to 5 feet in length. Finally, Philip and the others agreed to allow Jason the new snake under the condition that it stayed in his room at all times.

Jason was thrilled and immediately bought Chuck, his new boa constrictor. At first, Philip and the others would see Jason playing with Chuck much like he had with Harry. Then, as Chuck grew, Jason would not only bring him out to hold, but would also put Chuck beside him on his bed while he watched Netflix on his computer. Then, after falling asleep watching TV a few times with Chuck out, Jason began intentionally putting him in the bed while Jason slept at night. At this point Chuck had grown to a full 5 feet in length and Jason cared for him like anyone would a loyal dog.

One day Jason noticed Chuck wasn't eating well. Jason waited and worried while watching Chuck continue to refuse to eat before he finally made an appointment at the veterinarian. After an exam, the vet explained to Jason that there was nothing wrong with Chuck. He was exhibiting the typical behavior of a full-grown boa constrictor as it prepared to kill a very large prey.