10 Facts and Myths About Church Leadership Training

—Jeffrey West, Ruling Elder

1. Tony Robbins will be leading the class–Myth. In fact a few of our very own elders will be leading it. They are much less inspiring, but it should still be good.

2. You must commit to attend all 30 classes and never miss a single class–Myth. True to most things in life, the more you put in, the more you get out. While we realize everyone will have to miss some weeks, our goal is to have a committed group that grows together.

3. There will be homework–Fact. There will be small amounts of reading each week that we will discuss in class. The readings will be short and well worth the time spent on them: an easy supplement to your daily devotions.

4. The class is only for potential officers in the church–Myth. The class is for anyone wanting to understand better what the foundations of our denomination are, the vision of our church is, and what the biblical call to disciple making is like.

5. This class will be practical and not purely academic–Fact.

6. The class participants will grow in their love for each other and the church–Fact. Bold claim I know, but I expect the Spirit to work.

7. You must sign up for the class in advance so we know how many binders to make–Fact.

8. There will be exams–Fact. Purely for bragging rights.

9. Upon completion you will receive a frame-worthy certificate, documenting your achievement–Myth...but could happen, I guess.

10. You will be better equipped to serve and lead in the church after participating in the class–Fact.