Financial Peace University A great option for your “Discipleship Cohort”

Starting September 8

—Ashleigh Meeker, CCC Member

Do you feel like your life is one emergency after another?

Are your relationships struggling because of financial stress?

Do you feel stuck in a job you hate, but can’t afford to quit?

Do you struggle with giving/tithing?

Financial Peace University (FPU) covers all of these things and more! Meeker and I are excited to lead our 3rd FPU class with CCC, this time as one of the “Discipleship Cohort” offerings at 9:15 a.m. on Sunday mornings, starting September 8.

Meeker and I have truly experienced “Financial Peace” following the biblical principles taught in this class. We have felt the peace of stability so that when unexpected costs come up they are inconveniences instead of emergencies. We have felt the peace in our relationship, working together as a team rather than arguing over money. We have experienced the peace and joy of giving generously instead of feeling annoyed or obligated to share. And we can look ahead to the future trusting Christ for our financial security, knowing we are operating according to biblical principles in this important area of life.

FPU is a nine-week class that covers important financial topics like budgeting, emergency funds, debt, and retirement, as well as heart issues like giving, gratitude, contentment, and relational dynamics. When you sign up for the class you will receive an online membership which will allow you to watch a weekly video in your home, then during the Sunday School class we will watch a quick recap and do the discussion and homework together. Ideally, if you are married or engaged, we encourage you to take the class together as a couple but we understand that logistically this might not be possible.

Life is hard and unpredictable, and God has used this biblically-based program to give us the peace and stability to weather the storms. We are excited to share this with others and hope you are able to join us.