Hope Counseling Services: Looking Back, Looking Ahead, and Introducing our Board Members!

Wes Tubel, Executive Director Hope Counseling Services

It is hard to believe it has been a year since we began our work at Hope Counseling Services. God has done so much in such a short period of time. Our mission is to bring Hope to Life through Christ-centered biblical counseling services.  

The year has been filled with laying the groundwork to sustain a long-term ministry. We’ve spent time working on our bylaws, identifying and vetting board members, establishing our center’s policies and procedures, designing our branding, launching our website, and getting the offices set up to accommodate those coming for counseling. All of these are important and necessary in order to offer a high-quality service to those seeking help.

The year has also been filled with growing opportunities to provide counseling to many in our community. Since last spring, each month has seen a growing number of people coming to Hope for counseling. It is a privilege to walk with each person, seeking to understand the particular details of each story, and having the privilege to point them to the tailored mercies Christ offers in the midst of life’s particular struggles.

I wanted to take this opportunity to share some highlights as we look back at this year, and also share some exciting things as we look ahead in 2018.

In the month of December, 70% of our available counseling hours were filled. We continue to work hard sowing seeds and spreading the word about our counseling services.

We have provided counseling for couples and individuals throughout our community, serving people from 17 different churches.

We have also had the opportunity to counsel some who do not yet know Christ. We trust that seeds planted will bear fruit in their lives and that they will turn to Christ in faith and repentance.

250 people attended our launch event in early November (including many of you!).

2017 was a fantastic start to our ministry, and we praise God for all the ways he has provided, for the opportunities to connect the riches of Christ to the realities that many are facing, and to build fruitful relationships with a number of other churches. But in many ways, the work is just beginning. Our dream is to establish a long-standing counseling center that will impact our community for Christ for decades to come. As we look ahead to this year, I also wanted to share some of things we are excited about:

Each week we receive new inquiries for counseling. We are already considering how we can increase our capacity and available counseling hours, including bringing on an additional counselor sometime later this year.

Several churches have contacted Hope Counseling Services to inquire about our training services. We are in the beginning stages of making plans to provide these trainings.

Jacklyn will be the keynote speaker at two different women’s retreats for area churches in March

And we are excited to announce that our inaugural board will begin work with five members this month. It is a privilege to introduce our board to you:

Rik Gervais: Board Chairman, Ruling Elder at CCC

Marshele Carter: CCC Member, Founder of Carolina Cause Communications, and Adjunct Professor in Public Relations at UNC

Crystal West: CCC Member, CCC Women's Bible Study leader and Women's Ministry Team member, PMA® Certified Pilates Teacher, Dance Educator

Todd Rust: Ruling Elder at Church of the Good Shepherd, Senior VP-Investment Officer, employed by Wells Fargo Advisors

Wes Tubel: CCC Member, Executive Director Hope Counseling Services.

Please continue to pray for our ministry. We want to be wise and helpful to each person who is coming to Hope for help. And we desire to be faithful stewards of what God has entrusted to us. May God give us every grace we need this year to fulfill our beautiful mission.

Confessions of a Mom

Kathryn Eriksen, Director of Children and Youth

I mostly write these Connection articles under my “Children’s Director Hat,” but that wasn’t what was on my heart when I sat down to write. So today I’m wearing my “Mom” hat, and probably only writing this article because I know I’m going to China for the next two weeks and won’t have to see any of you face to face.

In Bible study this fall I am reading through the book of Philippians. And there’s one verse that always catches me when I read it.

3:17 Brothers, join in imitating me, and keep your eyes on those who walk according to the example you have in us.

Paul uses his words to encourage the Philippians to work out their salvation, live a life worthy of the gospel, and even encourages them to walk like him. I so very badly want to be able to tell my children the same thing. Live for Christ, follow me and I’ll show you how, I can be your example. But so many times I fall short.

Priorities. I have a really hard time keeping my priorities where I want them to be because there are so many things pulling at me.

My health. I have genetically bad cholesterol - thanks Mom and Grandma. Seriously bad. So exercise, my diet, it’s all really important. Really important. That takes time.

My kids' education. I love my kids' schools and I want them to be better. I volunteer as room mom, I help make photocopies, I read to the class. Really important. That takes time.

My job. I love my job! I get to help plan curriculum, help parents teach their kids about Christ, plan fun outings to serve the community. Really important. That takes time.

My husband and my house. I love being a wife and a homemaker. Really important. That takes time.

Are you seeing a trend? Everything is important, everything takes time.

It’s so easy for me to pray inconsistently, study God’s word inconsistently, meditate on Jesus’ teachings inconsistently. Unsurprisingly then, my kids mimic that sentiment. So when it was graciously pointed out to me that my daughter, three weeks in a row, told her Sunday School teacher she didn’t know when she could possibly do her homework, memorize scripture, or pray because she was “too busy.” It about broke my heart. I realized this is my model! I’m too busy.

So Byron’s sermon was very personal to me this week. “Grow UP!” I am an adult and my life will live out my priorities. I will not grow, nor be the model I want to be, without my own personal spiritual exercise. To be the mom and wife I long to be, my relationship with Christ must be my priority. And thankfully the Spirit is there in my heart to guide me and grow me in that walk.