Confessions of a Mom

Kathryn Eriksen, Director of Children and Youth

I mostly write these Connection articles under my “Children’s Director Hat,” but that wasn’t what was on my heart when I sat down to write. So today I’m wearing my “Mom” hat, and probably only writing this article because I know I’m going to China for the next two weeks and won’t have to see any of you face to face.

In Bible study this fall I am reading through the book of Philippians. And there’s one verse that always catches me when I read it.

3:17 Brothers, join in imitating me, and keep your eyes on those who walk according to the example you have in us.

Paul uses his words to encourage the Philippians to work out their salvation, live a life worthy of the gospel, and even encourages them to walk like him. I so very badly want to be able to tell my children the same thing. Live for Christ, follow me and I’ll show you how, I can be your example. But so many times I fall short.

Priorities. I have a really hard time keeping my priorities where I want them to be because there are so many things pulling at me.

My health. I have genetically bad cholesterol - thanks Mom and Grandma. Seriously bad. So exercise, my diet, it’s all really important. Really important. That takes time.

My kids' education. I love my kids' schools and I want them to be better. I volunteer as room mom, I help make photocopies, I read to the class. Really important. That takes time.

My job. I love my job! I get to help plan curriculum, help parents teach their kids about Christ, plan fun outings to serve the community. Really important. That takes time.

My husband and my house. I love being a wife and a homemaker. Really important. That takes time.

Are you seeing a trend? Everything is important, everything takes time.

It’s so easy for me to pray inconsistently, study God’s word inconsistently, meditate on Jesus’ teachings inconsistently. Unsurprisingly then, my kids mimic that sentiment. So when it was graciously pointed out to me that my daughter, three weeks in a row, told her Sunday School teacher she didn’t know when she could possibly do her homework, memorize scripture, or pray because she was “too busy.” It about broke my heart. I realized this is my model! I’m too busy.

So Byron’s sermon was very personal to me this week. “Grow UP!” I am an adult and my life will live out my priorities. I will not grow, nor be the model I want to be, without my own personal spiritual exercise. To be the mom and wife I long to be, my relationship with Christ must be my priority. And thankfully the Spirit is there in my heart to guide me and grow me in that walk.