God owns everything. We are stewards, privileged to manage our Master’s resources for maximum kingdom effectiveness. So giving back to God His tithe and our offerings is an essential call of the Christian life—a necessary and joyful privilege of direct participation in the work of God on earth.

Biblically, giving falls out in three main areas: Tithes, offerings, and alms.

First, the Principle of the Tithe. In the Old Testament, God calls his people to devote a tenth ("tithe" means "one-tenth") of our income to him in order to recognize that all provision comes from God. Though the New Testament has no “tithe law,” Christians throughout the centuries have realized that the greatness of God's provision in Christ means we ought to respond with at least a similar proportion (1 Cor 9:14; Luke 10:7; Gal. 6:6). At CCC we encourage the tithe to be given to the General Fund of the church and, unless otherwise specified, all gifts payable to Christ Community Church are deposited into that fund. The elders and deacons oversee all funds of the church in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles, with full transparency and accountability, and in accordance with our Financial Policy (available upon request).

The Principle of Special Offerings is that we recognize God's hand in our lives by devoting appropriate gifts to him. Offerings address special events, undertakings, and needs; they celebrate special mercies and provisions; they mark significant beginnings and endings. It is unfortunate that we easily become locked into the arithmetic giving of a tithe and forget to look for the particular Fatherly ordering of our lives that should spur on our offerings.

The Principle of Alms is that God gives freely to us who are needy, so we ought to give freely to others who are needy (Mt. 10:8; Mt. 25:31-46; Eph. 4:28).

There are many ways to give financially to Christ Community Church. Go to our Give to CCC page.