The purpose of our Global Ministries is to help people at Christ Community Church (CCC) develop a heart for God's world and to participate in cross-cultural ministries. Following the example of Jesus who reached a few in order to reach the many, we concentrate our cross-cultural efforts in a small number of regions. Our current involvement is in South Africa, Ukraine, Bogota, Colombia and Mission to the World South Asia.  We focus on church planting ministries and on ministries that support the formation and growth of churches. Because our congregation is especially gifted in the areas of education, medicine, business and technology, we also favor short-term missions and long-term missions that allow us to leverage these gifts.

Short-Term Missions

Our goals for short-term teams are to support our existing long-term, cross-cultural ministries, to build up the missionary heart of CCC and to test the gifts of our members who may be considering cross-cultural ministries. 

Long-Term Missions

We currently support four long-term missions:         

Odessa, Ukraine

We continue to partner with The Covenant of Grace Church (CGC) in the Odessa suburb of Kotovskogo. We have sent multiple teams of people from Chapel Hill to assist CGC in reaching out to the people of Odessa. Our outreach activities have included leading business seminars, teaching English language classes, Bible studies, and holding week-long camps outside the city. CCC member, Robin Price is serving in Odessa with Mission to the World.

Bogota, Columbia

In 2012, CCC sent our first short-term team to Bogota, Colombia. We now support Peter and Laura Dishman as they minister to the people of Bogota and help in the church planting efforts of the Mission to the World Team there. They will be starting a Reformed University Fellowship ministry there.

South Asia

We also support ministries in South Asia through Mission to the World.


Goodenough Mthembu

Robin Price | Odessa, Ukraine

George Kadyan | Odessa, Ukraine

Peter & Lauren Dishman | RUF at the Universidad Nacional in Bogota, Columbia

Joseph & Savannah Foucachon | Paris, France

Brenden & Rebecca Miller

John & Cathy Clow | La Ceiba, Honduras

Check out the Mission to the World (MTW) website for more information about missions and opportunities to give.