Reading & supplemental material

At CCC, we are blessed with many learned leaders and wise members. When they find reading material and supplemental materials that they feel would benefit the congregation, you can find them listed here. Feel free to peruse the lists below.

If you have suggestions or requests of your own, including certain subjects you would like to see featured, feel free to contact us and let our staff know.

Spiritual Discouragement

When Trouble Comes
Phil Ryken

It’s easy to see great Christian leaders and think, “That person has it all together. They don’t face any real difficulties or discouragements like the rest of us.” Well, this book paints a very different picture of life—the way it really is. Following a time of “deep, personal discouragement”, Wheaton College President Phil Ryken, former pastor of Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia, examines the lives of several biblical figures and how they faced immense hardship, backsliding, and even despair. It provides practical guidance about ways that God meets us in our hardship with his persistent grace.

- Jeremy Purvis, elder

The Canon of Scripture

The Canon of the New Testament
Bruce Metzger

You will either find this book incredibly boring or wildly fascinating. It traces the history of the formation of the 27 books of the New Testament as we now know them, beginning with small snippets of the Gospels that date all the way back to roughly 100 years after the death and resurrection of Jesus. This book is fun to read when you seriously consider that the same words you read in modern day English were written and read by early Christian brothers and sisters who were actually alive at the same time Jesus the man walked the earth.

- Jeremy Purvis, elder