We have Adult and Children's Sunday Schools and a Worship Service every Sunday morning at the Extraordinary Ventures Conference Center on S. Elliott Road in Chapel Hill near Whole Foods Market.




Extraordinary Ventures Conference Center
200 S. Elliott Road
Chapel Hill, NC 27514


Sunday School: 9:15 AM // Worship: 10:45 AM


1526 E. Franklin St. 
Ste. #201 Chapel Hill,
NC  27514

Sunday School

Before worship, everyone is welcome to join us for Christian education. We use engaging, theologically rich, Christ-centered, and sequenced and scoped curricula to help children mature in age-appropriate ways. Many families love the memory work throughout the week (Scripture and Catechism) that helps provide a lifelong foundation for wise, gospel-centered living.

We also have Adult Christian Education during the 9:15 hour. We study biblical, systematic, and practical theology in groups sized so we can not only learn content, but discuss and apply it together. For more information on Sunday School offerings and what current topics we are exploring, please hit the button below.


Nursery and childcare are available during morning worship. Check-in is downstairs. Our clean, safe nursery allows you to participate the service while your infant is well cared for. Children aged 3–6 can enjoy Children's Church. CCC takes child safety very seriously, utilizing the resources of ProtectMyMinistry.com. If your infant is with you in worship and needs consoling, you may take him or her to the Rosemary Room where there is a speaker that allows you to hear and continue to participate in the service.



What's worship like at CCC?

The list below is what we call our "Order of Worship." We share this with you so you can know what to expect if visiting on a Sunday morning.

Singing the Worship of God

We sing together, the pastor leads us in a prayer to God, and we sing some more.

Acknowledging Our Need for God’s Mercy and Grace

One of our church leaders prays for the congregation, asking for forgiveness in Jesus' name for the sins committed during the previous week and reminding those who do believe of the assurance of salvation found in Jesus.

Greeting One Another

Children ages 3-Kindergarten are dismissed to Children’s Worship (during the 10:45 am Worship Service only) and everyone enjoys a brief time of meeting people sitting near them.

Offering Back to God What He Has Given

A collection is taken for believers to honor God with the income He has provided as well as provide opportunity for those desiring to give.

Stating What a Follower of Jesus Believes

Everyone is invited to recite together a historical statement written by believers from centuries past that sums up basic truths about what it means to follow Jesus then, now and always.

Hearing God’s Word Read and Taught

A pastor gives a message on a passage from the Bible.

Lifting Our Prayers to God

The pastor prays a prayer of praise and asking God to work in us and the world.

Singing Our Response to God

We sing a final hymn together.

A Blessing for the Return Home and the Week Ahead

The pastor assures everyone of God's blessing in Jesus and we return to our homes and the week ahead.

Remembering Jesus through the Lord's Supper

On the first Sunday of each month at the end of the Worship service, we invite all believers to take part in the Lord's Supper. This is when the church leaders offer the meal of bread and wine to believers in attendance much like Jesus offered this same meal to his disciples the night he was betrayed to be tried and crucified. We encourage any believer who is a member at a church where the Bible is honored and preached to join with us.